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We produce texts that go beyond the expectations of our clients

We solve all text assignments

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What we do

We produce professional texts.
We specialize in producing texts that are not only flawless, but also texts that capture the attention of readers.

Who we are

We are a professional team consisting of experienced journalists and linguists.

Texts are our passion.

Special Services

We are specialized in websites.
We go beyond correcting spelling mistakes.
Not only will we correct all your mistakes. We will also make your texts more enticing to the reader.

Quick Service

All Lingo Media employees are experienced copywriters, translators and proofreaders and they will begin work on your project as soon as possible.


Types of services and products that we offer.


Here are some of the advantages to outsourcing your text production. Recommended by employees of Lingo Media.

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My recommendations

There are a number of reasons for why you should outsource your text production: 1. The texts will be of a better quality when produced by a linguist of English and a journalist. 2. Translating a Danish text into proper English is not necessarily something that a company has a Communications Manager hired to do. 3. A company's image is highly dependent on how it appears to its stakeholders. Flawless professional texts on your website plays a major part in a company's image. 4. All though Danes are generally good at English, it doesn't mean that they don't make mistakes or lack the skills to produce technically advanced professional texts.

"Outsource your text production"
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My recommendations

Advantages to using Lingo Media: 1. You hire a Lingo Media consultant for the period it takes to produce the texts, instead of hiring a full time Communications Manager. 2. Your own employees will most likely take longer in producing your texts, since it probably is not something they work with on a daily basis. 3. You are ensured a flawless, professional text, which will set your mind at ease for when you begin to sell your product(s). 4. Products need to be described in a colourful language, which will entice customers to purchase. When using Lingo Media it will most definitely mean an improvement of product descriptions, which will lead to increase in sales.

"Flawless texts"

Our Partners

Companies that we have had the pleasure of working with.

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